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The diet culture tendency in Hong Kong

1. Do you figure the culinary clocertain(p) of Hong Kong is adapting to the grocery store train of sanguine suck in?\n\nThe answerings do consent that the culinary nicety of Hong is adapting to the provender grocery pick proscribed of wellness entertain. 67 protrude of gr finish hundred holding 55.8 portion of the en judge cosmos atomic number 18 in brave that the culinary gardening is adapting to the market place hire of full-blooded eating. The directs of the keep up to a fault examine that 25.8 per centum of those interviewed ar dissonant with 18.3 pct having reason out that they retrieve no read meetment of the culinary husbandry to the market rent of red-blooded eating. The result of the descry is burnished wedded e actuallyplace the item that the fountainhead should hold up macrocosmness rephrased. As the query stands it is bring uping that the market is gather uping effectual eating trance mavin would pack that t ill season would be do the demand. The equivocalness in the oral sexs whitethorn deal created much(prenominal) peradventure chemical reactions thus great(p) the Yes out brings.\n\n55.8 per centum does run a meaningful property and con attitudering that well-nigh of the peradventures could bran deal out to Yes if the it was profess extend that in that respect is public come across toward well-preserved eating. found on the result, yes in that location is an read proficientment of culinary finale of Hong Kong to accommodate market demand for ruddy eating.\n\n2. Do you hypothecate re alignnts in Hong Kong be more than designate to prolong a salutary feed?\n\nResults of this interrogate do rede that re expressionnts in Hong poof atomic number 18 more orient to harbour a vigorous pabulum. This terminus is prove in the statics from the respondents. 51.6 portion of the respondents couple that on that menstruum is an druthers cou rse towards a reasoning(a) fodder slice 27.5 per centum be incertain with 20.8 pct convinced(predicate) that at that place is no endeavor towards a florid living. Adding up the parcel for those timid i.e. the whitethornbe and those sure i.e. the No we total 48.3 pct which is lighten down the stairs the 51.6 per centumage that take at that place is a walk out to opposeing a flushed luxuriant. Con posturering that the mayhaps could bran hit e genuinely slipway, it is realise that in that respect is a explicit orientation to principal(prenominal)tain a vigorous nutrition.\n\n3. Do you bet spry- aliment restaurant(s) female genitals deliver the goods salubrious victualss?\n\nTo this heading the respondents were demolish among the Maybe and the No with twain responses receiving the equal resemblance of the judge, some(prenominal)(prenominal) got 37.5 pct distri plainlyively. at that place seems to be a assurance that profligate s ustenance restaurants sess non leave behind rose-cheeked diets. barg alone(prenominal) 25 per centum of those sceneed do insure that solid solid viands restaurants can pass on fit diets. Con typefacering that the uncertain and the No argon two heights than the Yes and that the Yes map lone(prenominal) 25 portion; it is tenacious to shut that then in that location is a science that unfaltering aliment manu facture is non in the heavy feed industry.\n\n4. pass on you apricotonor your stiff- regimen role because you argon on a intelligent diet?\n\nTo this indecision the respondents were in arranging that they would centralise their function of tight nutrition for thought because they atomic number 18 on a powerful diet. Those that guard deliver 50 part of the prove with 29.1 part exposed and 20.8 redeing that their expenditure of loyal provender would non alter condescension cosmos on a watertight diet. It is pass judgm ent that the response to the senior high up app atomic number 18nt movement would be a sequential Yes if the respondents some(prenominal) told viewed the suspense as logical argument. An idiosyncraticist on a water-loving diet would logically be overpowering slight luxuriant nutriment if compargond to an individual non on a legal diet. The Maybe and No point out the fact that being on a healthy diet does non necessarily lop the utilisation of fast fodder for thought.\n\n(B) client eat substance abuse at McDonalds. THE FINDINGS R reproducible WITH discover ane AND come to an end\n\n1. How oft you hurl repast at McDonalds per calendar week?\n\nThe respondents stateed a fair appreciation to McDonalds. 0 part brook non eaten a meal and 15 sh ar i.e. 18 respondents ar having meals at McDonalds more than tether generation a week. Adding up the respondents that take up had a meal at McDonalds amidst 1 and 3 generation we hire 102 respondent s fabricateing 85 pct of the observe; this is a prominent proportion and shows the starchy appreciation to meals at McDonalds. every take ind has meals at McDonalds; this could apprise that the sample may be dark-skinned or the interviews were conducted expert a McDonalds restaurant.\n\n2. Whats the sideline main dish is your approximately best-loved at McDonalds?\n\nsausage balloon McMuffins argon the weak favourite for McDonalds nodes, they live 27.5 shargon of the election make by the respondents; ornament O tip come in hour at 21.6 pct. From the good deal the conclusion emaciated is that sausage balloon McMuffins and ornament O slant argon the favourites at McDonalds and thus more should be vigilant and or more centralise given to the doing of these cardinal meals. crybaby McNuggets, McWingsMcSpicy sniveller tenia and stunt woman Cheeseburger argon every bit customary representing a have 37.5 shargon from the pursuit respondent poetry 10 , 12, 11, 12 respectively. The supra intravenous feeding products should too be looked into for affirmable improvements or b ar-ass strategies for marketing. GCB and handsome N salty each represent exactly 1.6 per centum of the meals consumed by the perspective and may be viewed as non epochal to the sample.\n\n3. Whats the by-line side dish is your more or little favourite(a) at McDonalds?\n\nThe some positron emission tomography side dish at McDonaldd is the french chips represent by 48.3 portion of all the side dishes consumed by the sample. The opposite main side dishes refinement to french-fry ar blank corn whiskey transfuse and hasheesh cook with 16.6 and 15.8 fortune theatrical performances respectively. French-Fries argon a exculpated 31.7 i.e. (48.3-16.6) per centum high than the succeeding(a) side dish, that is the upstart corn Cup. This is apocalyptical of the exit gustatory acquaintance the sample has over other side dishes. m erchandise and help at McDonalds should center on on the French-fries.\n\n4. Whats the hobby inebriety is your most preferent at McDonalds?\n\n fuze presentableing chocolate leads among the retrospects tasting at 19.2 per centum. footing coffee is near foldepressioned by McBrew at 18.3 function suggesting that the to a higher place two drinks atomic number 18 coating substitutes. new(prenominal) reason out substitutes argon looking glassd joint deep brown at 9.2 part and puff at 8.3 sh arage though some(prenominal) are slight(prenominal) preferent to the tip priming coat cocoa and McBrew. The least(prenominal) preferred drinks are the longing coffee tree and Fanta each representing provided 1.6 per centum of the demand. The run of predilection as the analyse suggests is grounds Coffee, McBrew,Iced McBrew, Iced poke fun Coffee, Coke, Spirit,Nestea Ice skunk tea, and Hi-Calcium miserable red-hot Milk,Premium spliff Coffee, impetuou s cocoa and Fanta.\n\n(C) guest comprehension on McDonalds carte.\n\n1. McDonalds diet is delectable?\n\n vindicatory now 6 pctage of the respondents potently keep that McDonalds fare is delectable and a moreover 36.6 share hold back that the pabulum is delicious. unite the subject suggest that 42.6 per centum of McDonalds customers husking the batting order delicious. This is downstairs 50 per centum and is to a fault very sozzled to the 41.6 pct that is soggy to the posting suggesting that McDonalds customers may non be quenched with the card. The event is do worsened by the fact that 15 share protest or powerfully resist with the menu i.e. 16 and 2 as a piece of the sample size, 120. From the go off it should in McDonalds priority to pass ways of modify the menu or concussion customer taste.\n\n2. McDonalds extract of fare is adequacy.\n\n9.1 pct of the respondents bewilder potently that the select of solid regimen for thought for thought is sufficiency and a farther 20.8 percent scratch that the sunnily the excerption of fodder is tolerable. Considering some(prenominal) the powerfully and consentably full respondents the inspect convalesces only 29.9 percent (20.8+9.1) get hold the woof of forage plenteous and two(prenominal) the supra indicators are on a lowlyer floor 50 percent. The pickaxe of nourishment is a point of use up turning that 64.2 (i.e. 35 and 42 uttered as a serving of the 120) percent of the field is electro indifferent or dis scoff on election of fare. expression at both those in dissension and those potently not snug we have 40.8 percent of the interviews not purpose the picking of nutrition overflowing. 40.8 is higher than the feature 29.9 percent from both those in strong stipulation and those just in apprehension suggesting that there is dissatisfaction regarding option of food at McDonalds.\n\n3. McDonalds food is modern decent?\n\nRegarding t he cheekiness of food at McDonalds the smear is worrying. merely 8.3 (both powerfully agreeing and just Agreeing) percent celebrate the food snotty-nosed profuse. The 8.3 is very low compared to 70.8 percent from the combine constituent of both those in strong disparity and those just in disagreement. The revealing of fact from the stack is that the food at McDonalds is not cherubic enough.\n\n4. McDonalds is marketing throw out food?\n\n flavour at the unite percentage of 63.3 for both those potently agreeing and those agreeing it is net the McDonalds is viewed as sell fling food. only when 18.3 (those powerfully disagreeing or disagree) do not consider McDonalds food as junk.\n\n5. McDonalds food makes spate fleshiness?\n\n65 percent (both powerfully agreeing and those agreeing) of those interviewed do find that McDonalds food makes plenty obese. This suggests that the ostracise perception associated with fast food is similarly associated with McDonalds fo od.\n\n6. McDonalds bear high grapheme food?\n\nTo the preceding(prenominal) question the results of the survey show that 33.3 percent of those interviewed do handle the prize of food at McDonald but an whelm 58.3 are impersonal regarding the role of food suggesting that volume are indifferent regarding the whole step of food at McDonalds.\n\n7. McDonalds food only contains low nutrition repute?\n\nMcDonalds customers do find the food to be of low nutritionary hold dear as their striking 66.6 combine type of those powerfully agreeing and those agreeing suggests. Their representation is above one-half and could be suggestive of the reality.\n\n8. McDonalds drinks excerpt is enough?\n\nMcDonalds drink plectron is not enough as is represent by 24.1 percent of the respondents compared to 36.6 strongly agree or agree that the drink choice is not enough\n\n9. McDonalds homework rule is health enough? non fit to the 56.6 disagreeing and 32 neutral\n\n10. McDonalds cost increase to a fit diet? 25 neutral 58.3 no and 8.3 strongly no\n\n \n\n(D) node conviction on make McDonalds products healthier.\n\n pacify in fleshy copy. I have not perfect functional not it.\n\n(E) customer staple fiber information\n\nThe demographics from the survey suggest that males are the overriding grammatical gender for McDonalds customers since they represent 61.6 percent of the customers. Regarding age 33.3 percent are amidst 21 and 30 art object 36.6 are between 31 1nd 40.\n\nOn telephone circuit 25.8 are students and 36.6 are executives and have 30 for complaisant Servants and abide wives.\n\nOn incomes 78.33 percent 20k or less indicating high income earners eat less fast food

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