Sunday, November 24, 2019

This Fabulous Century essays

This Fabulous Century essays This Fabulous Century, written by Henry R. Luce, is a book about the history of the United States of America from 1910 to 1920. I chose this book because of the American way of life during that time period. I find the way that the United States handled the new century with the first of the two World Wars to be very fascinating. Since I am a visual person, the large pictures on every page of this book helped me to enjoy it even more. The accomplishments made by America then are miraculous. I think that all American history is of great value. I would like to learn more about this time period in American history. This is why This Fabulous Century was a great learning experience for me. This Fabulous Century explained each event of the 1910s in America very well. The book starts out with six pages of pictures that illustrate how Americans lived their lives back then. The first chapter is called The End of Innocence the beginnings of the Great Depression. The next two chapters are called The Many Faces of a New Freedom and The Big Breakthrough, both of them related to the new woman. Then the next six chapters are about The Flickers, which I think were movies, plays, how the people and the critics reacted to them. Chapters ten and eleven are about The Tin Lizzie, or the Ford T-Model vehicle, which was the first vehicle ever made. The next seven chapters were about the Culture of the time period. These chapters included issues on what the literature was and how the artists expressed the push to not join the War. Chapter nineteen was called America Sits for its Portrait, which contained portraits of very significant times in a persons life. The next three c hapters were about Fun and Games for the children. These chapters contained the toys and the games children played and how children contributed to ...

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