Thursday, November 21, 2019

Dissertation topic in Science Education, PhD Research Paper

Dissertation topic in Science Education, PhD - Research Paper Example Beneze et al identify that â€Å"for most students, school science is like being chained inside Platos cave, only able to experience or interpret the world of science from flickering shadowy images† (2003, p. 285). In a study of 3 years of large scale analysis of the teaching of science, they concluded that children do not get so familiar with the use of abstract ideas and they do better with practice. In an old journal that examined the evolution of the teaching of science in elementary schools, it was apparent that the original approach of teaching science in the 1800s was to get children to perceive nature â€Å"from the childs standpoint† (Curtis, 1950). However, further investigations indicated that as times evolved and institutions of higher learning got structured and teaching methods were institutionalized, middle schools were required to prepare their pupils for advanced courses in science (Curtis, 1950). Thus, although practical studies and practical teaching is important and vital, there is the need for the teaching methods to be relevant to higher education and the real world. The teacher will have to draw a balance between three main things in the teaching of science: Internships for teachers are normally conducted in an academic or school-setting. There is limited exposure to the industry and other institutions of higher learning (Minuskin, 2009). There is an inherent challenge in the funding of these internships. Hence, if it is going to be upgraded to a system that will involve institutions of higher learning, the industry and the development of practical ideas, there will be more cost constraints. This can be reasonably spread through the use of online methods and other developed systems that can be conveniently replicated (Nadarajan, 2011). Also, partnerships between the community and institutions can help to share the costs (Hogue, 2012). The aim of the

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