Friday, July 26, 2019

Information communication technology Research Proposal

Information communication technology - Research Proposal Example This research will explore and assess the used ICT and their impact on the performance of the Food and Beverage Department and Room Division of hotels from the perspective of employees. This research will examine (a) whether employees think that ICT is functioning in the two departments, and (b) whether they think that ICT has changed the manner customer service is provided and if retention of customer loyalty has been reinforced. Both quantitative—self-administered questionnaires—and qualitative—in-depth interviews—methods will be used as the study tries to find out observations, opinions, and views of line employees and managers. ICT provides numerous benefits for hotels. One of the most important benefits is improvement in customer service and customer retention due to the likelihood of direct and close communication with the customers. This study will look at the use of ICT in room division department and food and beverage department. As reported by Ham and colleagues (2005), because ICT has been evident to significantly affect competition, hotels have extensively depended on ICT to enhance customer service and customer satisfaction. Numerous researchers have discovered that there is positive correlation between application of ICT and quality of customer service. This study will examine how the room division department uses ICT to provide personalised customer care. Likewise, this study will examine how the food and beverage department employs ICT to provide premium food and service, manage bars, restaurants, and so on. After exploring how the room division department and food and beverage department use I CT, the research will examine how line employees and managers perceive the application of ICT in these departments and its impact on customer service and customer retention. Hospitality is service-oriented in nature, with its own unique attributes which

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