Wednesday, July 24, 2019

New Venture Proposition - Individual work Essay

New Venture Proposition - Individual work - Essay Example The selected name of the restaurant will be â€Å"Rene sense Dinner theatre†. The new theatre restaurant named â€Å"Rene sense Dinner theatre† is offering the area of entertainment and fine dining concept with different, tasty and innovative food recipes. While considering the food in the restaurant, the menu includes cuisine of America, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and the Middle East. The wide range of cuisines is also a new and different idea in the market. Moreover, when it comes to services presenting good food in a friendly environment will be a positive and strong point for the restaurant. The representation of different cultures and music within a colourful environment, which adds an entertainment factor with dinner, will amaze the customers. Customers will be allowed to choose any theme for their table and then the service for that table will be according to that theme. It will delight the customers and the experience of extreme fun and uniqueness will attract and grab the concentration of the customers towards one restaurant that is providing all entertainment activities and food at one place (Rainsford, 2000). The restaurant industry is a diverse business the reason is that there are various cuisines and cultures that restaurants offer and follow according to the needs and demands of the customers. There are various restaurants that are offering delicious and different food items. Mostly focus on the services and food quality. People around the globe like fast food items a lot, and it is a part of their daily food intake. It is the reason due to which there is majority of fast restaurants in the industry. However, for special occasions and different taste people prefer to experience uniqueness in food items within a good environment. Although there is majority of restaurants, there is no such

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