Saturday, August 24, 2019

CROSS CULTURAL NEGOTIATION MGT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

CROSS CULTURAL NEGOTIATION MGT - Essay Example Against this backdrop, common understanding is not only limited to what the members achieve or share in common but what they can be as a single entity (Spoelstra and Pienaar, 1999). Exchanging information through communication is an integral part of the negotiation process and this information is generated through different methods. The nature of methods used in exchanging information in the negotiation process depends on the relationship of the negotiating parties where in some cases this relationship can be terminated where consensus is not reached or prolonged when it has been reached (Reardon, 2004). In order to test the concept of negotiation, simulations that were conducted between week seven and eleven focused on three main areas highlighted below. The Him and Her Australia (HHA) is one of the key focus area. HHA is regarded as an upmarket store specialising in retailing fashion clothes in Australia and is comprised of a prestigious network of about 80 chain stores. The company worked together with another Italian designer shop where the young crop designers from Sydney have managed to add some flavour and HHA has emerged as a force to reckon with as this has greatly contributed to its success. HHA has also underscored to collaborate with Beijing Fashion Manufacturing (BFM) where the companies have seen a reduction of production costs which in turn has lowered the prices while at the same time increasing the profit margins. In order to investigate if a common ground can be reached between HHA and BFM to establish a platform where they can share similar agreement in the process of manufacturing clothes for summer clothes for the 2009 and 2010 seasons, a simulated e-mail negotiation was conducted between HHA and BFM. The participants mainly comprising students were grouped into eight different categories and the groups were split into two parts where the other group represented

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