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Human Cloning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Human Cloning - Essay Example 7). Human cloning is a controversial that elicits diverse reactions from all quarters and almost every member of the human race. The issue of cloning has caused much debate since the firs cloning of a live sheep in Scotland in 1997m due to ethics and authority to participate in the events leading to the creation of a new human being from the originally born one. This topic is crucial to the existence of human beings as it may be used to either improve their lives or degrade them. Personal Opinion In my opinion, human cloning is a gift that should be embraced by all of humanity because it has multiple benefits if made use of in appropriate ways. Cloning should be allowed among humans because it can be used to cure or improve certain conditions such as infertility. In reference to this, infertile couples can have children of their own. In addition, cloning, if allowed can be used to repair damaged tissues and organs in the human body. This is through growing new organs, which is called therapeutic cloning; that can then be used for the maintenance of the human body. This is especially so for conditions that requires transplants such as leukemia, liver and kidney failures (Human Genome Project Information, 2009, Para. 15). Cloning can be used to generate new bone marrow that can then be transplanted into the patient and, therefore, healing them of their condition. In addition, it lessens the risk and burden that loved ones have to bear in order to save their lives. This is in the form of surgery that they have to go trough so as to donate their organs for use by others. Not only can human cloning be used in the above named processes, but also in plastic and reconstructive surgeries. Cloning allows for production of body tissues that are compatible with the host, which in turn lessens the risk of tissue rejection (Advancing Science, Serving Society, 2007, Para. 5). For this reason, cloning can be used to treat conditions such as amputated limbs as they may easily b e regenerated. The additional conditions that can benefit from human cloning include defective genes and genetic diseases. This would be beneficial, especially to parents that have genetic disorders. For parents considering conception, they may see a specialist to have the genes eradicated and thus ensure that they do not pass the problems on to their offspring. People Opinions The majority of those who think that human cloning should be allowed share common belief with me that it can be used for the good of human kind, and especially so in regard to health. One opinion that is outstanding is that, due to the preservation of health and even extension of life, scientists could continue to live. As a result, the world would benefit from their great discoveries and inventions. All this would be the result of recreating their minds in a different time and body. For example, if this were to happen to the Wright brothers, they would help greatly in developing space exploration and the avi ation industry at large. Furthermore, others claim that for the purpose of reproducing offspring in cases of couples who cannot conceive, cloning should be legal, but only if the child will not be subjected to tests for his or her entire life. Therefore, it should be perfected before it is used for such events. In spite of all their well-argued reasons for supporting human cloning, some reasons for their support were utterly misconceived and based on fallacies of over imagination. One such thought was that cloning should be allowed in order to counter population problems. The basis of this argument was that; height and weight be regulated in order to fit people into certain special buildings. This beat the entire purpose of cloning as only clones were to be fitted into these â€Å"

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