Thursday, September 12, 2019

Annotations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Annotations - Essay Example The article attempts to drive businesses closer to the social media so as to unleash underlying potentials in the social media. Business communication scholars are urged to include social media in their courses so that exclusive research can be done. Including social media in business communication course may prove to be vital amongst students and industries. Businesses may communicate to their clients and various stakeholders via social media through sharing. Social media is very interactive and booming thus making it the best media for every business to invest in. This article is very relevant especially considering the real increase in and widespread use of social media. It addresses very relevant matter and an issue which can be considered as a current affair. Just like all other articles it dresses an issue regarding business communication. Cheng, S. S., & Seeger, M. W. (2012). Lessons learned from organizational crisis: Business ethics and corporate communication. International Journal of Business and Management, 7(12), 74-86. Retrieved from This article attempts to analyze collapse of HIH Company in Australia which grew so quickly but did not have sufficient tools to support her growth. Sophy and Mathew assert that lack of operational protocols to sustain the organization’s faster growth and that lies and deceptions can deeply injure the image and function of the company. They examined that HIH’s management did not pay much attention to their stakeholders. Communication strategies used by the management during the crisis as it involved a lot of blame game and denial. No one wanted to own the problem especially the executive. It is apparent that the management put their personal interests above the corporate’s interest thereby revealing the

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