Friday, September 27, 2019

Neighbor Rosicky and the Death of the Hired Man Essay

Neighbor Rosicky and the Death of the Hired Man - Essay Example In Neighbor Rosicky, the story highlights the situation of Anton Rosicky who has attained vital information from a doctor. Doctor Burleigh has informed Anton that his heart is ailing (Stout 75). In turn, Anton has to keep off from strenuous work. Rosicky buys candy and fabric for his wife whereby his wife recalls Anton’s consistent love for her. Rosicky informs his wife of the same situation whereby he retreats into a reflection about his former life. This pertains to his integration in the American life. In addition, it includes his struggles in London. The last part of the story entails his reflection about his family’s future life. In the Death of the Hired Man, the poem entails arguments between Warren and Mary (Sanders 39). Warren seems to be bitter over his servant who is known as Silas. Silas was a servant who abandoned his duties at the master’s time of need. In the poem, he is back from his travels. Warren is skeptical and bitter about the idea of giving Silas a second chance. His wife pleads with him to consider the same. The poem ends with Silas death. The basic difference between the two works concerns with the fact that they are of different genres. To begin with, Neighbor Rosicky is a short story. On the other hand, the Death of the Hired Man is a poem. ...This is because readers anticipate actions that significantly relate to him. This is exemplified through his struggles at wage earning â€Å"†¦to be a wage earner, a slave all your life, to have nothing, to be nothing.† On the other hand, the Death of the Hired Man is poem with an obscure protagonist because three characters are contending for the same. In terms of Silas, he is an ever-present character that escapes into a foreign land (Sanders 40). He also does an outrageous thing of leaving his work for the town. On the other hand, Warren is a character that readers anticipate his actions as pertains to the fate of Silas. Therefore, he is in substantial control of the same. Mary is principal in influencing his husband’s decision. She pleads with him â€Å"be kind.† It is vital to note that the works share interesting similarities. To begin with, both of the principal characters engage in self-introspection. This is in spite of the fact that Silas introspection is less profound. Silas situation highlights through his actions. Silas’ reflection is intense in a subservient way because it makes a reader ponder over his last life’s actions. In his life, he had spent the same on betraying his master and those who were close to him. There seems to be something strong that drives Silas into going back to Warren’s home. In display of Silas introspection Mary says, â€Å"Silas declares you’ll have to get him back.† In this sense, Silas has shown that he pondered over the same. It is a manifestation of reconsideration. In addition, both of the works share an interesting chronology of events. The flash backs contribute to the prominent prose of the same. In Neighbor Rosicky, Anton attains information about his health. He proceeds to buy a

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