Thursday, October 17, 2019

Construction Defects with Homeowners Case Study

Construction Defects with Homeowners - Case Study Example The third year and for up to the tenth, the major structural defects are covered including foundation walls, load-bearing portions, supporting beams and foundation footings. The homeowner should file for claim in the covered period, but may notify the local construction official for foundation damages that may or may no longer be covered by the warranty. The law covering construction of foundation is Title 5 Community Affairs Chapter 25 Regulations Governing New Home Warranties and Builders’ Registration or N.J.A.C. 5:25. Specifically, the Act â€Å"prescribe the form and coverage of the minimum warranty established by the Act; govern procedures for the implementation and processing of claims pursuant to the warranty; establish requirements for registration as a builder, and procedures governing the denial, revocation and suspension of builders registration; and, establish the requirements of private alternate. Adams (2010) cited many builder-contractor liabilities in the cas e where foundation issues occur among homeowners. Home building foundations usually last for tens or even hundreds of years when done properly. But â€Å"serious and difficult to fix [†¦] if built poorly [†¦and] threaten the stability of the home and the homeowner’s investment,† (Adams, 2010, P 1). One of the more critical issues about foundation problems is that it only becomes apparent after several years of completion and even occupancy of the home. The homeowner may be left unsure of what recourse may be available.

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