Saturday, October 5, 2019

EasyJet - A 'No Frills' Airline Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

EasyJet - A 'No Frills' Airline - Assignment Example only takes direct deals as opposed to through operators from different air transport organisations is that EasyJet does not give free drinks and beverages, ticketless and just acknowledge direct booking (Business Teacher 2001). The start of EasyJet depended on two leased planes. Whats more, the first destination was Glasgow and dispatched with ultra-ease flights, the publicizing motto is "London to Glasgow, less expensive than a pair of pants!" (Jones 2007). Nowadays, EasyJet has the flight destination all through Europe. EasyJet started being profitable towards the end of the second year. In 1997, the EasyJet was a stable business entity, marked an agreement with Boeing contributing $500 million to purchase new airplane. At first, EasyJet worked with a solitary kind of Boeing 737 (Gronroos 2008). In 2004, EasyJet requested 120 Airbus A319, EasyJet turned into the organisation that using Airbus A319 as principle model in minimal effort carrier organisations. In 2010, the number of travellers using EasyJet reached 49 million, positioned second place in air transport in Europe (Jones 2007). Strategic Business Unit (SBU) have to be focused on fulfilling customers’ needs with a particular end goal to attain to above normal returns, and this is carried out through Business-level strategy (Aaker 2001). Business level methods are elements provide quality to customers and increase a competitive advantage by exploiting SBU, in single market or industry (Aaker 2007). Business-level strategy is concerned with a companys position in an industry, in respect to competitors and the five forces of rivalry (Gronroos 2007). Customers are the central to a company’s business level strategy. Who will be served, what needs must be addressed, and how those needs will be fulfilled by the organisation (Holt 1998). The strategies by porter describe which strategy a company uses in order to gain a competitive advantage over the competitors in the market. The strategies are the cost

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