Friday, December 20, 2019

Importance Of Monitoring And Evaluation On The...

IMPORTANCE OF MONITORING AND EVALUATION IN THE SUSTAINABILITY OF CONSTITUENCY DEVELOMENT FUND (CDF) PROJECTS IN KENYA Tecla Biwott1, Omar Egesah2, Javan Ngeywo1 Kisii1 Moi2 University, Kenya ABSTRACT The Kenya Government Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects contribute immensely in initiating and implementing sustainable development projects in all parts of Kenya, and it is essential to track processes and impact of such projects. Monitoring and Evaluation helps project managers in keeping track the implementation of the projects and its prudence in the utilization of the resources. It provides decision makers with a strategy to plan for sustainability of the projects and guidance for future endeavors. Sustainability is key to†¦show more content†¦The concept of sustainable development was introduced by the publication of the Brundland report having a basis of meeting the needs of the current situation while considering the upcoming generations in meeting their needs too (World Commission on Environment and Development, 1987). While the concept is true, achievement of the sustainable development has no clear and definite route (Becker, Jahn, Stiess, Wehling, 1997 ; Walker Kubisch, 2008). Challenges in the society entail those in the production and those in the consumption (Beck, 1986). It is therefore prudent to use a variety of evaluation that includes systems evaluation and developmental evaluation (Imam, LaGoy Williams 2007; Patton, 2008). Challenges linked to sustainable development needs knowledge development and a clear link between science and society (Funtowicz Ravetz, 1993; Gibbons et al., 1994; Jasanoff, 2004; Nowotny, Scott, Gibbons, 2001). Management of project sustainability requires continuous improvement of ways and update of tools of governance (Voss, Bauknecht, Kemp, 2006; Hajer, 2003; Loorbach, 2007; Rotmans, Kemp, Asselt, 2001). Projects are best placed when they make the most sense to purposed primary uses and when it provides probable solution to the community challenge (Patton, 2008; Gibbons et al. 1994; Nowotny et al. 2001; Regeer Bunders, 2009). Communities face complex and varied problems,

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