Monday, January 6, 2020

Analysis Of Secrets Of Atlantis - 1301 Words

NetEnt dips below the ocean surface with the release of Secret of Atlantis The Q3 2016 road map for NetEnt certainly threw up a few surprises, with the biggest of such being Secret of Atlantis. It is clear that NetEnt are no stranger to big projects, with it looking like this new game set to be one of the biggest undertaken by the developer in recent memory. Expected to debut on August 24th, Secret of Atlantis is certainly going to be a new name to watch out for, even if details on the game still remain scarce at this point. Considering that the game is titled Secrets of Atlantis, it is safe to say theme of this release has certain underwater connotations. The city of Atlantis is what is addressed extensively in the work of Plato, as a†¦show more content†¦Taking a dip into the deep blue ocean, this new title promises to be one of the biggest NetEnt releases to date! NetBet launches new promotion to coincide with 100 millionth free spin on Starburst Remember this moment, as history will soon be made at NetBet. Starburst is quite possibly the No. 1 online slots title on the planet, with players unable to get enough of this colour laden-game. Given the slots popularity, it is no surprise to see that it has become a truly in-demand title at NetBet, with the 100 millionth free spin set to take place within the game in the very near future. Considering the truly monumental nature of this achievement, NetBet are attempting to celebrate the occasion is one of a kind fashion. In the run up to the â€Å"Big Spin† NetEnt are handing members Starburst exclusive free spins. Getting involved in the party to end all parties couldn’t be any easier, as all any player has to do is simply play cash-spins on Starburst. As the illusive 100 millionth spin draws near, for every 250,000th spin the lucky player in question will secure 100 free spins, while every 5,000,000th spin will see a whopping 500 free spins handed out. The promotion window for this giveaway will slam shut the second the 100 millionth spin is complete. If the race to 100 million wasn’t enough,

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