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Can India Become a Superpower Essay Example for Free

Can India Become a Superpower Essay Can India become a Superpower? The question is common and comes in evey mind, the topic is everlasting and in limeline. For being a superpower a country must have to solve his external and internal conflicts,its true that no country an become a superpower if ts not a developed one and india has yet to devlope andcan be said as an emerging power. Walking on this path is not so smooth you will find thorns that make you lame and sometimes huge rocks are ready to crush you so as India is facing it in this present senario (courption and repeatedly millitant attacks). India: A brief discription India so called as democratic country struggling to become a developed country has got a vast heritage. The overall population of India is 1.2 billion in 2013 and according to survey it will be going to become 1.4 billion in 2025 and in 2050 it will become 1.6 billion. Putting some light on political arena, Indian constitution has parliamentary system, multiparty system, liberal and conservatives. But it doesnt matter what rights we have there in our constitution because all are violated either by us or by governmennt, cant blame on a particular society or league of people. Now, the question comes, why it is not so easy to become a superpower, even we have proved ourself in every section of development? It is not so significant either you have taken your first steps in every section of development but it mainly depends on the factors that converts a country from developing to a developed country. Historical mistakes India has suffered a lot and yet it is suffering from illness, in historical time illness was that we were always being ruptured by foreign invaders Mughals, Englishmen, Portugese etc. The reason was our weakness because at that time trading were made on a large scale and to fullfill our needs manual manufacturing starts declining and industrial revolution take place which was the father of modern history and guess who was the mother none other than renissance that is re birth. Re birth of rationalism so the people of India were divided in many parts and didnt accept this change, now we are facing a big problem as at that time we belive in rituals not on reasons. The reason was, we were not united and till now we are facing the same problem of unity. Internal conflicts As disscused above the first problem we face is Being a united nation but not a united one that is, we say that India is a secular country, every one can follow his/her religion and yes we are enjoying it alot but somehow religion has divided us. The best example, RESERVATION, it is boldly mark because the worst thing to face and to fight, its quite similar to a railway reservation, for that you have to wait for your call, but it never comes because the middle man has reserved all the tickets for journey, here the middle man are bureaucrats. And on other hand the politicians are using it as a weapon to fill their vote banks, the manner, is giving reservation on the bases of religion and earning votes according to it. They alone cant be blame because its we who support them for our own cause. Not only reservation there are many problems like Hindu Muslim conflict, telangana case, diffrent language (yes its also a cause for not being united) etc are also responsible and wrtting on this will take a lot pages and suffcient time. External conflicts India is surrounded by lot many neighbours like Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, China, Bangladesh, Afganistan and Sri Lanka. India Has bilatreal relation with all its neighbours and trying to maintain it but if we talk about Pakistan one of the oldest enemy of India causing a lot trouble supported by China. Recently there was a heavy load of firing in Poonch, Kashmir after PAK elects its Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who promised to solve problems with India regarding there relation. If we recall our memory Sri Lanka used to say that the LTTE is supported by India to break them. So its quite clear even though we have bilateral relation with our neighbours, we are facing a sense of rebel from there side. Terrorism One of the most significant problem faced by India which is restraining it to become a super power. The word terrorism always recall us Kargil war(1999), 26/11 mumbai attack, Dantewada tragedy and recently the attack on congressmen, not only this a lot many more attacks we have faced. PAK millitants has threaten so called heaven Kashmir anad on eastern side and central part Naxalites responsible for killing innocent people. Naxalites are considerd as terrorist organisation after Unlawfull Activites (Prevention) Act 1967 and also a most dangerous internal threat. Terrorism does not posses any shape, size, face, religion or community it is only to threaten people with gun power. Courption Last but not the least courption one of the major threat which is rotening our admistrative system from inside getting us weak and if we are weak than its only a dream to become a superpower. It adversly effects our economy. No particular person is responsible for it we all are responsible for it. All those scam like 2g colgate and CWG has an immense effect on our GDP rate,4.7% fourth quatqer of 2013 from 6.2% according to 2011-12 fiscal, which make us to count on Hindu rate of growth that is slow rate of growt. The above mention are some of the significant cause apart from others, which are blocking India to become a superpower. No doubt its true that after independence we have raised ourself to a better level in the feild of science, tourism, culture etc, but the goal is far away to achive and presently India is emerging as a superpower.

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