Monday, September 23, 2019

Safety Management Plan Implementation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Safety Management Plan Implementation - Essay Example However it needs to be accepted in general. The service providers include authentic training organizations which are uncovered of safety risks throughout the stipulation of their services, aircraft providers, organizations liable for designing and manufacturing the aircrafts, approved maintenance organizations, and air traffic service providers. Apart from the aforementioned authorities certified aerodromes are also included (Fhwa, n.d.). Therefore the service providers should execute and implement a Safety Management System which is acknowledged by their respective state. The functions are as follows:- The main function is to identify the safety hazards related to it. It should ensure that corrective actions necessary to sustain a satisfactory level of safety must be implemented. This is also liable to provides continuous monitoring as well as regular appraisal of the safety level that has been achieved. It should also aim to make constant improvement to the overall level of safety and security. It should also promote an improved safety and security culture all through the organization. Realizing a return on Safety Management System investment through enhanced competence and abridged operational risk. Apart from the requirements of ICAO Safety Management Systems has been also incorporated into IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA). Implementation Plan It is an important factor to realize that the mentioned plan must only be used as a general guiding reference only. Therefore it can be customized according to the need. Etihad, the national airlines of United Arab Emirates will be chosen as the company where the Safety Management System action plan will be established. Now in the context of the company, a safety management system will be implemented in its overall infrastructure. This will ensure more safety and securities to the passengers availing Etihad airways (Etihad Airways, n.d.). The company is also focused in providing the best Arabic hospitality to the clients (Etihad Airways, n.d.). Safety Management Implementation plan of Etihad Airways Etihad Airways has developed its own Safety Management System in context with the United Arab Emirates’ Civil Aviation Law, recommendation of ICAO, CAR Part X, GCAA CAR-OPS 1.037, Federal and Emirate statutory requirements for health and safety and also from the suggestions by Abu Dhabi Health and Safety Regulatory Framework (ADEHSRF). Most of the elements required for formulating a Safety management system have been ascertained. Moreover it has been also linked with the supervision and control of the operations of the company. In Etihad Airways the establishment of SMS also took place to counter the existing dictatorial requirement and to establish according to the new requirements of the regulatory board. The safety management service of Etihad airways covers the following aspect:- Safety of the airport Industrial safety The safety of the aircraft and also its operation. The newly establ ished SMS of the company provides the methods to identify the perils and also offers ways to control and reduce it to an acceptable range. This will also help to determine whether the risk control tools are efficient or not. Furthermore the SMS sets the desired goals and performance levels for safety. It also seeks to develop safety culture within the organization, training and promotion system. Now the steps or the building blocks to implement SMS are suggested

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