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Cultural diversity in Modern China Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Cultural diversity in Modern China - Essay Example Communism is a political system where, property is owned communally and where economic, political, social systems are aimed at creating social order. Chinas Communist government views the introduction of new practices and cultures as a threat to this social order. Change is part of life, and human beings are supposed to adapt to change. It is necessary for the people of china to adapt to the new world. For example, there is no political tolerance. The people political views are not considered by the government, and any sign of a political struggle is met with a lot of hostility. In the 21st century, this should not be happening. If not changed, this grip of the nation by the communist government will result in the separation of the people of china behind. However, various factors are exposing the Chinese people to the entire world thus diversifying their life and cultural practices (Tienery 15). 1) The Olympics Participation of China in international sports has been a major factor in exposing Chinese people to different cultures. The fact that the government wants to ensure that the Republic of China is viewed as a leading power in every aspect of life, it allows the country to participate in almost all international sports events. These events include the Olympics, world cups and athletics competitions. According to the United Nations Office for Sport Development and Peace (UNOSDP), sports activities promote cultural diversity since they incorporate fair play, teamwork, respecting opponents, and self discipline as values of good sportsmanship (Nauright & Parrish 11). Through international sport events like the Olympics, the Chinese people have been exposed to different cultures. This is through interactions directly in the games by the players with other participants from the other countries. The players interact with other participants in the Olympics where they learn about new things, which they take back home introducing them to other people. For example, p layers take back home eating habits that they have learnt from the country where the Olympic Games are being held. Another way that sports activities promote cultural diversity in China is through the interaction of fans from china and those from other countries. While supporting their country in the Olympic Games, Chinese people get to know about different cultures as they talk with fans from other countries. Here, they form strong friendships and bonds where they teach each other about their cultures. On learning these cultures, Chinese fans go back home and spread the new cultures where people assimilate them. For example, the mode of dressing among Chinese people has changed through interaction with others during Olympic Games and other Spots events 2) The Tibet Movement This is a movement that struggles to fight for the political and economic independence of Tibet. Tibet is a region which is included as a territory of the Republic of China. The movement strives at achieving tot al separation from the Republic of China. The movement is supported internationally mainly the United States of America (USA), India, and a number f countries in Europe. For example, the International Tibet Independence movement is an organization that supports this movement. It was formed in March 18th 1995 in the United States

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