Wednesday, October 9, 2019

E mail response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

E mail response - Essay Example Doe’s policy, the issuance of instructional handouts takes place during lectures, where I usually avail extra directives regarding on how to tackle assigned tasks using materials already provided. Therefore, in exercising fairness in class while Prof. Doe is away, I will try being lenient and offer makeup quizzes where necessary though with a lot of caution. This is to ensure when Prof. Doe resumes, there are no pending assignments or tasks that will disorient her while waiting for prolonged submissions, which may interfere with her program. I will also avail adequate and timely instructional handouts to the students so that each has the necessary materials meant to tackle the assigned tasks during lectures. Hence, ensure both timely submissions of assignments and fewer excuses for makeup quizzes. However, discouraging the latter entails clear explanations besides motivating students to inquire where they may need assistance both in class confinements and even outside. This is via email or telephone (though within the day) such that they are able to receive quick responses instead of waiting for physical interaction with them. Hence, make them feel supported, whereby they wil l tackle varied tasks with ease and in time. I look forward to a healthy interaction with students who will be under my care for this extremely short time, while Pro. Doe will be away at a conference. This encompasses resolving cordially other issues that may arise in the process between me and the

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